Outdoor Fireplaces - Lombard, IL

Fireplaces and fire pits are among the most requested items when enhancing outdoor spaces. They provide an eye-catching and functional entertainment value to your backyard haven, and require careful planning in design and installation. That’s why Lombard homeowners seek professional advice from the expert landscaping team at POE.

We’re dedicated to collaborating with you and providing solid value along with aesthetic beauty to our outdoor setting. Fire pits and fireplaces must conform to building codes in your neighborhood, and we’ll make sure these are incorporated into your plan. This will also ensure that you safely enjoy years of warmth and entertainment.

So, if you’re considering outdoor fireplaces or fire pits for your Lombard property, give us a call at 630.782.5229. Or feel free to submit the contact form and we will respond quickly. Please take a few minutes to view recent fire features projects.

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