Landscape Design - Elmhurst, IL

Premier Outdoor Environments is a full service landscaping and landscape design firm, proudly serving satisfied clients in the Elmhurst area to enhance the enjoyment of their outdoor living space.

With Premier Outdoor Environments, you can bring the sights, sounds and convenience of the indoors to your outdoor family gathering or sporting event. We can provide custom-built outdoor kitchens with gas and electrical lines run from the house, plasma and LCD TVs, and stereo speakers in a wide selection of rock and wall mounted options. These items are permanently installed for weather-proof, all-season enjoyment. We can turn your outdoors into an ideal entertainment destination.

Premier Outdoor Environments not only provides you with a team of the most excellent landscape architects and installation professionals available, but also ensures you access to the highest quality products in the industry. Browse the gallery page, and view some of our outstanding landscaping projects.

To make your outdoor vision a reality, call us at 630.782.5229, or submit the contact form for a prompt reply.

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