September 18th, 2020

The Benefits of Outdoor Living Spaces

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For the past seven consecutive years, outdoor living spaces have been ranked as the most popular special function room among consumers. These admired home luxuries extend a home’s functionality beyond its four walls. Because of their many benefits, homeowners are continuing to heavily invest in their property’s outdoor area.

Outdoor living areas look different in every home. Whether it’s as simple as a charcoal grill placed on a patio or as elaborate as an extensive outdoor living room complete with a kitchen, fireplace, HD TV and surround sound audio system, these expansions prove to be extremely profitable.

But why should you invest in an outdoor living space?

First and foremost, outdoor living spaces enhance a home’s value. As enjoyable as spending time in your personalized outdoor living area is, it also amplifies the overall atmosphere of the home. By connecting your indoors to your outdoors, you are increasing the functionality of your property and makes your house feel that much bigger. No matter how you design your outdoor area, these spaces are perfect for entertaining family and friends or just relaxing within nature.

Outdoor spaces have also proven to increase your home’s resale value. Even a simple patio remodel is one of the best home investments you can make. An outdoor oasis is a property feature that every potential buyer sees as a huge positive. These spaces can add such a ‘wow’ factor that will make your house sell faster and for more.

Outdoor living spaces also have health benefits. It is a proven scientific fact that spending time outside improves both mental and emotional health and promotes healthy living habits. Being outdoors increases energy, boosts immunity and improves your sleep. Additionally, it helps to lessen anxiety and amplifies creativity.

Not only do outdoor areas improve your health, but they gather the family together. Instead of sitting around the TV, spend your family time making s’mores or grilling dinner together. With space to relax, work, and play, an outdoor living space can be the source of many memories and quality family time.

All the benefits of outdoor living spaces add up to a significant increase in value for both your home and your family. Have an idea in mind? Do some research and reach out to local landscapers to discuss all of your options. Here at Premier Outdoor Environments, our team of professionals creates custom outdoor living areas to fit all our customers’ needs. With expertise like that available, you’ll be able to create the perfect outdoor living space for your home.

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