January 16th, 2024

Sustainable Landscape Design for 2024

POE Retaining Walls Sustainability

As we start the new year, it's crucial to consider that your landscaping is more than about curb appeal as it could potentially leave a significant carbon footprint and have an impact on the environment. Curating a sustainable and earth conscious ecosystem is beneficial to your garden, well-being and the climate. By designing with techniques that embrace eco-friendly strategies, you can enjoy a space that is both low maintenance and ravishing, while still being mindful of nature. Organize a topography that thrives in harmony with the biological habitats that surround us. Consider using these helpful tips to save you time, money and are kind to the earth!

Conserve Water Usage with Rain Barrels
Effective and easy to handle, rain barrels are an excellent way to preserve geographical water sources and help to minimize overall water usage. These containers collect rainwater which is better than municipal water, that may contain chlorine or chemicals harmful to your plants.

  • Not only can you use the water for your plants, but also for tasks like washing patio furniture or other household chores.
  • Rain barrels come in a variety of designs and shapes and are very user friendly, reusable and inexpensive to buy.
  • Place your barrel under the gutters of your home and let Mother Nature do the rest of the work!

Embrace Native Plants and Biodiversity
Non-native plants can look more appealing than indigenous varieties, but they tend to demand extra attention, fertilizers and pesticides. Native plants are great in that they require less care and supply necessary haunts for pollinators like bees, birds and insects.

  • Add perennials, as these readily adapt to the existing climate without requiring use of excessive watering or chemicals.
  • Locally sourced greenery can be cheaper to purchase, easy to find and support genetic diversity.
  • Perennials call for less upkeep and come back year after year without necessitating replant, meaning less effort on your part.

Plant More Trees
Essential in producing oxygen through photosynthesis, trees also absorb unsafe pollutants such as carbon monoxide. Additionally, trees hold a huge positive affect on a person's health and the bionetwork.

  • Trees absorb carbon then turn it into energy and organic matter to support landscape vegetation and soil hydration.
  • Trees purify the air while delivering shade, allowing you to utilize less air conditioning, lowering energy use and power bills.
  • Raise your property value by planting trees and at the same time display their beauty.
Landscape Outdoor Solar Lighting

Use Energy Efficient Lighting
From solar to smart-controlled, lighting has become more fascinating and feature laden than ever before. Choosing the right illumination to lower energy usage and your electric costs.

  • Path lights powered by solar panels are a good light source, require no wiring or electric and come in endless options to suit your interests.
  • Motion sensor features such as in security backlights or step lights, combine safety and functionality by going on only when activated through detected movement.
  • Install home lighting controlled by a smart device when you’re not home for extended periods. These fixtures can be controlled with a click of a button.

Install Retaining walls
These structures are great in that they are practical and aesthetically pleasing by bringing extra interest to your home. The purpose of these walls is to hold back soil on a slope, which creates usable space and prevents erosion.

  • Retaining walls help prevent flooding to your site and keep surrounding buildings intact from damaging elements.
  • They add a decorative component and require little to no maintenance once installed.
  • Although it can be a pricey investment, abutments do increase property value.

Kicking off the new year gives us the opportunity to implement fresh ideas and hope that these straightforward guidelines point to a “greener” perspective. POE is dedicated to assisting customers in realizing their dream landscape in conjunction with fostering sustainable and earth-friendly designs.