September 20th, 2023

Pumpkin Friendly Flowers with Bold Statements

Mums and Pumpkins

As the fall season approaches, pumpkins are becoming more prominently showcased in landscape design. But did you know that there are some fall flowers that work better with them than others? Here is a guide to help you pick out the best, most beautiful fall themed flora to complement your jack-o’-lanterns and let your garden spook the whole town!

Coming in a variety of bold colors, marigolds make an effective deterrent against pests, serve as a good pollinator and provide gourds with important soil nutrients.

  • Most common and reliable filler flower can be found at most nurseries.
  • Colors range from fierce yellows to moody maroons and come striped, spotted, or bicolored.
  • Must be in full sun and require little to no water.
  • Effortless to grow, making them a go-to for homeowners with little to no planting experience.
  • Carrying a relatively small bloom, the combination of marigolds and pumpkins will deliver a balanced yet whimsical vibe to your fall backdrop. Plant green foliage alongside this popular floral for variance and an added pop of color.

This quintessential and versatile accent, the chrysanthemum (known as a mum) offers a bold statement when surrounding your home’s exterior. Mums are available in an array of saturated hues and various shades. Selecting these flowers as a welcoming and inviting look on a front porch gives off a dramatic level of sophistication and depth.

  • Easy to find and can be potted individually or planted in a bed.
  • Colors include oranges, bronzes, whites and yellows.
  • They thrive best in sunlight but require lots of water.
  • It’s best to plant them early in the season before winter for maximized lifespan.

Mums are renown for continuous blossoms and make the perfect flower for grouping alongside other plants. They can easily be transformed into a seasonal wreath or creatively placed inside of a pumpkin!

Attracting birds, bees and butterflies and holding up under the worst soil conditions, cosmos make an attractive addition to enhance depth and vigor to your garden. They are a terrific companion to pumpkins and can increase the sweetness while also combatting pests.

  • Cosmos are popular flowers that become available at most nurseries around from May through the fall.
  • They exist in a rainbow of color and impart a light and airy feel.
  • Sun loving cosmos do not require much watering or maintenance.
  • Endlessly thriving – every time you prune a head, another will likely bloom.
  • The best way to integrate cosmos into your fall sowing is to allow them to freely grow alongside your gourds and other vegetables. For a fun fall project, you can incorporate them into a recycled glass cylinder and craft a charming table centerpiece.

Fall Pumpkin and Flower Combinations
For visual impact on your pumpkin paradise, we put together a guideline of color combinations to help you fashion the most cohesive and festival landscape in the neighborhood. Here is a list of flower and pumpkin combinations to spice up your yard:

  • Orange pumpkins and yellow flowers
  • White pumpkins and purple flowers
  • Green pumpkins and blue flowers

As the Autumn season creeps up on us, we hope these ideas can help you easily transition from your summer panorama to a spirited view the whole family enjoys. We are here at POE to assist you with making the best picks possible for your outdoor space and the upcoming 2023 cooler weather.