November 20th, 2023

Five Tips for Your Backyard Winter Wonderland

Winter Cozy Firepit

A harsh midwest winter often seems to appear quicker than expected. Keeping warm inside is usually encouraged, but just because it’s cold doesn't mean we can’t use our outdoor spaces! Why not take advantage of this season by transforming your yard into a wonderland that can keep you cozy even on the frostiest of days. We are here to provide a list of merry ideas on how to best utilize your outside and stay toasty during the frigid weather.

1) Fireplaces, Fire Pits or Other Heating Elements
Include warmth and ambiance by choosing a heating source that gives your home’s exterior a central point for gathering. As a more permanent solution, install an all-season fireplace and enjoy fresh air hosting year-round. Fireplaces can be fueled by wood, gas or even propane and are easily tailored to your needs since there’s a variety of sizes/styles available.

A fire pit is an ideal and flexible budget-friendly choice. Placing overhead, wall mounted portable warmers could quickly supply adequate heat to an outdoor spot. Amplify the entertainment by throwing in color changing packets to ignite a rainbow flame everyone will adore.

2) Seating and Lounging Areas
Since winter is so about getting comfy and snuggling up, selecting the best lounge area is imperative when planning a useful outdoor refuge. Since most regular patio cushions tend to grow surface mold and mildew, many companies offer an assortment of seating options that can help keep everyone temperate and satisfied.

Try out a game changing arrangement of heated outdoor lounging, with choices from foldable electric, warming pads and cushions. When picking out furniture, bear in mind that Iron steel or PE rattan are the best, most durable finishes to withstand frigid surroundings.

3) Complementary Lighting
Lighting is a functional key to bringing your home’s exterior to life. Make your house magical by using string lights, lanterns or even candles to showcase a welcoming and inviting atmosphere. Illuminate your walkways and garden beds with added fixtures such as solar ground lamps. It’s the holiday season, so provide a touch of merriment with snowmen, reindeer and a well-lit sleigh.

Decorative Candles for Winter

4) Comforting Accent Elements
Being outside during the cooler conditions can be very appealing this time of year. Encourage it by incorporating soft textures and homey accent pieces. Set out plush blankets, pillows and throws in jolly colorings of reds and greens and aim for the coziest ones.

5) Foliage
It’s a bit of a challenge to find attractive plants that will survive cruel winter elements. Consider choosing a hardy variety such as bright berries, evergreen and shrubs. Alongside these introduce pansies, violas and hellebores. Then tie everything together with a holiday flare and pin pinecones, ribbons and wreaths to your arrangement. Delight in this season further by including bird feeders around these plants and have fun observing our feathered visitors.

Winter can be a chance to embrace tranquility and congregate in a creative space of your own doing. Grab a hot drink get comfortable near a charming spot in your customized sanctuary. Take in the scenery and watch the snow fall without having to think about freezing with this helpful guide from the POE team.