June 19th, 2024

Create the Perfect Summer Entertainment Space

Summer Backyard Dining Fireplace

The warmest summer weather calls for outdoor parties and gatherings. Being the ultimate host involves thoughtful planning and comes with extra pressure to impress. The POE team has pointers to help you put together an unforgettable experience for your guests. Whether you are entertaining for a small or larger group, here are trouble-free tips that will let you enjoy both the prep and outcome.

Designate a Spot for Dining
Something everyone anticipates when congregating for a warm weather backyard party is BBQing and grazing on quintessential summer cuisine. Invest in suitable seating that can hold many people comfortably under a canopy or pergola. For table setting, give yourself an easy clean-up by picking out fun disposable summer tablecloths and festive paper plates. Preparing for a more formal gathering? Grab your polished glassware, candlesticks and fresh seasonal center arrangements for a fancy upscale feeling.

Incorporate Accent Tables and Movable Seating
Apply furnishings in areas where visitors could get comfy and feel at home with places to set their drink down or start a card game. Have enough chairs to centralize guests’ assembly in one spot so they can be drawn into some close-knit, genuine conversation. Using foldable or lightweight furniture will enable quick handling, and flexible ways to customize set-up to your liking. Be mindful of flow when it comes to placement, so people have full accessibility to circulate freely.

Tie in Decorative Elements
Small, personalized details in your hosting plan make a big difference and will entice attendees to say “yes” to your next invite. Make your home’s exterior feel lively and unique by finding decorative pieces to trail around established locations. Collect a few mason jars or vessels where you can drop flower heads in, then put atop tables. Get creative by integrating vibrant pops of color using pillows and cushions. Situate striking summer foliage within the entertainment center to balance out hardscape elements.

Integrate Lighting and Sound
Lights are important for comfort and functionality. Utilize fixtures that are simple to install such as wired or string lamps placed on existing trees or off your roof. Add ambient lighting like lanterns or round bulbs that can give off a pleasant glow as the sun goes down thereby producing a serene calming environment. Pick out a music playlist to fit the vibe of your party. Go for either an on-the-go portable audio unit or introduce a more permanent solution that will blend seamlessly into your landscape, such as rock shaped speakers. For added solutions, explore our Lighting and Sound gallery pages and learn how professional assistance offers you a flawless result.

Install Fireplaces and Water Features
These breathtaking additions tend to serve as both assembly spots and bring eye-catching appeal. Fire/water installations generate impressive entertainment value while relieving excess heat. Water features such as fountains or pools are vital staples to cohesively connect a summer site. Opting for a “fire show” might have you thinking about where you roast marshmallows or initiate pleasant conversation. There are endless options! So, grab a drink and spend time with neighbors and family members in a customized, elegant backyard haven you will be proud to show off. POE can support you along every step from creative design through construction - curated to your dream visions for a stunning finale.

Check out the Fire Features and Water Features gallery pages to see our work and to get more acquainted with how POE can assist in making your projects happen effectively and smoothly.