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Common Landscape Problems and How to Fix Them

February 22nd, 2021

Common landscape problems

We are well into winter and it’s time to start thinking about your spring landscaping plans. Designing an outdoor space can be fun, but it also can be exhausting when you run into some common landscape problems. Today we share some of our solutions to the most frequent issues we see.

Grass Problems
Pests and weeds can wreak havoc on your lawn. Natural fertilizers are an effective way to eliminate both while still protecting children and pets from harsh chemicals. Be sure to read the manufacturer’s application instructions and apply the appropriate fertilizer for the season. Your grass will have different nutrient requirements in the spring, summer and fall.

Unwanted Fungus
Mushrooms can become a prevalent and costly issue if left untreated – a few outdoor precautions will make a huge difference. Work to correct drainage issues and removing any buried lumber or organic material. Even replacing old mulch and grass clippings will help. Eliminating the items that are feeding the fungus will allow for a clean, mushroom free yard.

Your Space is “Too Small”
Effectively utilizing the outdoor space you have can turn any size yard into a backyard oasis. Start by sketching out your property and begin to lay out your different living zones, and don’t forget the vertical space! Adding multiple levels to your landscape is not only visually appealing but also a practical solution to adding more plantings.

Softscape Front Yard

No Privacy
Privacy is often the key to a successful landscape design. Fencing can be expensive and often ruins the aesthetic of your yard; instead, try using plants as a more visually appealing option. Well-placed shrubs or vines can be a beautiful solution. If you’re not sure where to begin, working with a landscaping pro will help convert your backyard into a place that is more private and relaxing.

Nothing is more irritating than finding that your garden was devoured by wildlife overnight. Deer, birds, insects and even cute bunnies are vicious when it comes to your landscaping. While spraying your plants seems like a good option, it is often unhealthy for the plants and other wildlife. Instead, try creating a barrier fence for your greenery or use plantings that animals dislike. If you’re unsure, check with the nursery staff at your local garden center for their recommendations on plants that won’t be appetizing to the animals in your area.

Spring is the perfect time to evaluate your space and begin the journey of improving your outdoor space. Fixing issues as they arise prevents larger problems from occurring later and will give you more time to spend enjoying your yard!

Premier Outdoor Environments share some of our solutions to the most frequent landscape issues we see.