May 15th, 2023

Choosing the Perfect Outdoor Color Palette

Spring flower landscaping

Our April showers have brought us such beautiful May blossoms this year! As we see bright colors pop up everywhere, there is no doubt that these floral plants can add so much interest to any outdoor space. When deciding which ones to choose, we often suggest picking a specific palette first. Whether you are looking for warm tones, cool accents or sticking to the tried-and-true neutrals, setting a color scheme is vital both for design purposes, and making the selection process so much easier.

Here are some suggestions to consider in different landscape color planning:

Monochromatic Look
A monochromatic setting involves using different shades of the same hue. It creates a calming and cohesive appearance throughout your entire area. One of our preferred monochrome looks are gardens teeming with various shades of purple. These can include flowers such as lavender, lilacs, hydrangeas, irises and violets. Other popular picks are yellows, pinks and blues.

Complementary Colors
Complementary colors provide a dramatic touch to the exterior of your home when you utilize colors that are on facing sides of the color wheel, such as purple and yellow or red and green. These pairings create a striking contrast that draws in the eye and adds energy to such mixes. Some of our favorite blends feature red roses surrounded by green foliage, yellow daffodils coupled alongside hyacinths, and orange marigolds together with blue delphiniums.

Analogous Feels
Using colors that are adjacent to each other on the color wheel, such as warm and cool shades, are examples of an analogous color scheme. These unions offer a harmonious and calming effect and are sure to be the perfect accent in many settings. For a warm tone include plantings such as tulips, poppies, dahlias, lilies, sunflowers and mums. Popular cooler blooms consist of hydrangeas, irises, lavender, carnations and peonies.

All the Neutrals
A neutral tint often presents itself as classic and elegant yet timeless and will never go out of style. By using whites, greys and browns, this grouping inserts a subtle tone without taking attention off the rest of your landscaping. Some of our favored neutrals are white roses, silver sage, juniper, gray dusty miller, and brown ornamental grasses.

A Little Bit of Everything
Sometimes you just want them all! There are really no limits when choosing your “rainbow” as it can contain any color you want. Focus on floras that will bring liveliness to every scenery.

Crafting your outside haven by mapping out a floral plan to harmonize well with your house is a great preparatory approach. Aside from endless possibilities, it’s an easy way to keep a cohesive, attractive and clean feel throughout your landscaping backdrop. For more inspiration visit our portfolio!