Recent Work

Eco Friendly Driveway - Elmhurst, IL

Our clients wanted a green solution when redoing their driveway. We removed the existing concrete driveway, excavated down 3 feet and created a large drywell approximately 2,500 cubic feet deep that will harvest the rain water from the permeable paver driveway as well as the run off from the house and sump pump. We also ran an ice melt system where the drywell can collect the water runoff from snow and ice and prevent it from icing up on the sidewalk and street. A vault was installed in the drywell to house a pump and plumbing lines were ran underground to a water spigot on the side of the house. The harvested water collected in the drywell is transferred to the spigot to be used for watering the lawn and plants. Overall this new driveway accents the house and created multiple creative solutions while keeping the environment in mind.

This eco friendly driveway was the perfect solutions for clients wanting something stylish, but environmentally efficient as well.